Saturday, January 28, 2012

37 Weeks

My hubby takes a horrible picture. I am totally just belly and butt.
Size of Baby:  According to Baby Center,is she is considered full-term. Baby J should be about 6 pounds, which I am sure she is more than that now since she was 5 pounds 9 ounces two weeks ago.She should be about 19 inches long, like a stalk of Swiss chard.At this point, her hair has formed, but we could not tell on the last ultrasound.

Maternity Clothes: If it stretches it gets worn.

Gender: Baby J is a girl.

Movement: Baby J is trying to move all my organs out the way to make room for her little body. I guess she is thinking it is her space at the moment and she needs more room.
Sleep: Trying to find the right position that is comfortable for myself and Baby J. Sometimes I have to get up during the night due to leg cramps. 

What I Miss: Being able to bend over and tie my shoes without cutting of my air.

Cravings: Just been eating a lot of cereal this week. 

Symptoms: Leg cramps, some heartburn and swollen, swollen feet. 

Moment of the week:  Finally getting the bed together in the baby's room and putting up the pack in play in the living room. 


Preemie Twins and Me said...

Congrats! I never made it to 37 weeks (with twins, more than likely they are born premature) but I remember both of them moving around like crazy. It is a feeling that I will always remember and a feeling I would love to feel again...but I am not having anymore! If you need any clothes I have so many baby clothes (Excellent condition) some they did not get too because they grow so fast!

Are you loving pregnancy or are you ready for the hard work but exciting work that lies ahead?

Faith said...

happy 37 weeks! just a few more weeks until you meet your baby girl, so exciting!

hope her room is coming together nicely.

Sarah @Newlywed and Decorating said...

You're getting so close! That went so fast! Can't wait until your precious little one arrives :) Hope you continue to feel well!

Dana said...

Thanks every one for all the support.

Tania said...

Holy cow, you're so close!!! Yay!!!