Wednesday, January 4, 2012

I Want One!!

I want one of these maternity hospital gowns. I think that that they are really cute and stylish. I am sure they will look great in pictures for Baby J's arrival. I do understand that I will only have the gown for a little bit in the hospital, but it might be comfortable to wear around the house when I am home with the baby. They are kinda of expensive, maybe I can get my mom to make me one. Not like she has not already been chained to the sewing machine making for stuff for the baby's room, what is one more project. We will see.


Faith said...

so cute! i agree, they def. look comfortable! and would be super cute leaving the hospital in. hope your mom can make you one!

Dana said...

Me too Faith.

Heather said...

I love them! Definitely a step above the standard plain gown!

Dana said...

@Heather--It is a gown that I would definitely wear after the birth.