Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Baby G: Birth Story Part II

After the events that took place on February 1, I went to a follow up doctors appointment the next day. Once at the doctors appointment my doctor and I went over what had been happening over the past few weeks and days. My doctor decided that due to my swelling and the health of the baby I should be induced. I was not surprised since we had talked about me being induced on February 10, five days before her due date. My doctor left the room to make arrangements and then came back and stated that she would see me at the hospital at 10:00 pm that night. I responded with a little weak......"OK", but I was think "OMG...tonight?!!". I left the doctors office and called my husband who was sleeping to let him know what was going on. I knew that I would have to call him back once I hung up so that I made sure he heard me. I called my mom and let her know. To keep my mind off of what was going to take place in a few hours....I went to work.

Once I reached work, I told all of my girlfriends and my boss that I was being induced that evening. They all questioned why I was there. In between talking to all of my friends the hubby called back to make sure that he heard me correctly. I completed a few things on my desk, said my see ya laters and went to get my hair done. YES... I got my hair done before I was to be induced. I wanted to look nice for the upcoming photo ops, even though people would not be taking pics of me but of the baby.

I arrived home to find my husband finishing up things in the baby's room. To keep myself busy to cleaned a few things around the house and waited for my mom to arrive to take me to the hospital. My mom arrived at my house with my yummy dinner of McDonalds. It was so good especially since I did not know when I was going to eat again. As my husband busied himself around the house, I took a quick shower, got my bags for the hospital and away my mom and I went.

We arrived at the hospital and they were expecting me. I went back into the room and got prepared for the arrival of my baby. Little did I know that it would be a long and unexpected night.

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Patti said...

Dana, you are truly a girl after my own heart. Heading back to work after your appointment? Getting your hair done? McDonalds before checking into the hospital? Love it!!