Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Baby G: Birth Story Part III

Once settled in my room, the nurses began to start the induction medications. I found something on TV to watch and talked to my mom who was getting comfortable in one of the chairs in the room.  Soon after the medications were being administered, I started to feel some cramping and so that I would not have to deal with it I went to sleep. After being asleep for about 2  hours I was wakened my three nurses asking me to turn over, reaching for other body parts, adding additional medication and checking the baby monitor. Since I was startled so I immediately began asking what was going on. One of the nurse responded that my baby was not responding well to the inducing medications and her heartbeat had dropped. After poking me again and administering more medication they found the little one's heartbeat again. What I did not realize was that my husband had arrived during all this and they were keeping him in the hallway until they got everything settled. I calmed down a little after all the initial excitement, but I continued to keep my eye on the baby's heartbeat. Since I was awake again, I flipped through the channels and chit-chatted with my mom and hubby.

About an hour later I hear my husband say, that he thought that he was getting a migraine and that he forgot his medication at home. I encouraged him to go and get it but he stated that he was ok. During this time, the doctor began another induction medication that once I again so that I would have to deal with the pain, I made myself go to sleep. Once I was sleep, or so my husband thought, he left to go get his medication from home, but I saw him when he left. The induction medication was working on me for about an hour or so when the nurse came in again stating that the baby's heartbeat was dropping again. The resident came in with the nurse and they decided to stop the medication and call my doctor to see how she wanted to proceed. Within in minutes my doctor arrived and checked me out and decided that we were going to go ahead and do a c-section since the baby's heartbeat had dropped several times.  Of course, I said ok when all the medical staff were in the room, but then I looked at my mom and said that I really did not want to have surgery. She calmly stated that  it was best for the baby and me. I immediately got on the phone can called my husband who was on his way back to the hospital. The medical staff came back into the room and said that they were ready and I responded that my husband was not here yet so we could not go back. I called him again and he stated that he was pulling up into the hospital parking garage.(I just do not want to know how fast he was driving to get back to the hospital). I let the team know where he was and they began to prep me. As prep began my hubby came into the room and my mother helped him get into the hospital garb that they had to modify since it was a little small for him. Once we were both ready, I told him to get the camera and I kissed my mom and we were on our way to the OR.

The OR was so bright and cold. They gave me a spinal for the surgery and boy does that work immediately. I could not feel anything from my waist down, which was a good thing. They brought my hubby in the room, as soon as they got me settle.I guess to keep my mind off of things, I was having casual conversation with my hubby about the baby. He stood up a couple of times to see what was going on, but I never asked what they were doing. I finally asked, " Have they started yet?" He looked at me and said," They are about to pull her out." No sooner did he said that, I heard this loud cry and the nurse brought her over for me to see. My husband got up to take pictures and check her out while they cleaned her up. The husband returned with our beautiful baby girl. I remember trying to touch her but the way that they had me positioned on the table, I felt like I was petting her. They quickly got me all situated and rolled me back to my room and placed her on my chest. I really can not describe the feeling when you realize that this little person just came out of you. All I could do was look at her and count her fingers and toes.
I thought she was so pretty and cute. I could not take my eyes off of her. It was instant love. My mom came to the bed to grab a peek and to hold her granddaughter. That was a lovely site. My hubby continued to take pics of the new addition to our family. Even though I was tired, I still did not want hospital staff to take her to clean her up some  more and check her out, but I knew it would be for a short period of time since she would be mine forever.

Giving birth is a humbling and scary experience. Alot of prayer and a strong support system all helps, but the end results are always worth it. Love you Miss. G.


toi said...

i loved reading all your birth story experience, thank for sharing. your baby is so cute :)

Dana said...

@ Toi--- Thanks. I am glad you enjoyed reading it. I am glad that I was able to record it so that one day Ms. G will be able to read it.

Mrs. Pancakes said...

Oh beautiful!