Friday, March 30, 2012

Fill in the Blank Friday

I have not played  " Fill in the Blank Friday"  in along time, so I decided to play today.  Here are my answers for this weeks fill-ins.
1.  My greatest strength is   is being creative. Sometimes my being creative can create some fun and interesting things as well as assist me working through problems and situations.

2.   My greatest weakness is   taking on to many things at once. I thrive on getting things done and being busy, but sometimes it is to much at one time and I do not realize  it until all the deadlines are due .

3.  People always compliment me on     my baby. She is pretty cute and cuddly but I might be a little biased.

4. If you found me procrastinating you'd probably find me    watching reality TV or playing on Facebook .

5. The most cozy place in all the world is  my bed. I love my bed and I always have. Nothing better than chillin in my bed with my little and a good TV show.

6. Something new that I tried recently was   making saline solution for my baby's baby congestion. It seems to really work .

7.  This weekend I would like to    do a little shopping since I really did not do anything for my birthday last week.
If you want to play along, check out "The Little Things We Do".

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Mrs. Pancakes said...

I'm so behind your blog!! I need to catch up!