Thursday, March 8, 2012

Ms. G Necessities

I knew that babies needed lots of things and since my TV room is starting to look like a child care center kinda solidifies it. I did not realize that some of things that need would to make my life much easier. Here are few of Ms. G and I favorite  baby things ( we are trying to carry on where Oprah left off).
I am loving the Boppy. I was luck enough to have a friend give me one she was no longer using and I also received one as a shower gift. I have one on each level of the house. Miss G. likes to lay in it and watch  TV with me, like she is really watching it. It is useful for feeding.

Another girlfriend gave me this Fisher Price Open Top Take Along swing, that she was no longer using. It is so nice and the little one loves swinging in it. 

Love these wipes. They clean so well but are gentle on the little Miss's skin.

A Pack and Play is a must for any new mother. I really like the one that I have since it has a changing table attached to it. It has plenty of  storage and will grow with my little one as she grows. 


Heather said...

I love the colors of that pack & play! Great finds!

The Edberg's said...

I love love love these posts! We're expecting our first in September (YAY) and nothing beats new mom advice. Thank you!

Dana said...

@The Edberg's: Congratulations.

Patti said...

I never got in a groove with my Boppy. I never could get the hang of nursing with it and Ty would occasionally sit still enough to sit in it. Now its in the guestroom (I think - lol).

The others I can 100% agree with. Especially the pack-n-play. We still use his almost daily.

Faith said...

My sister swore by her pack and play!!