Friday, April 6, 2012

I Feel Pretty

Well, you know after having a baby, you may not be feeling your best. I have been feeling pretty good, but I really need to get back into my diva mood. To assist with my transition for mommy to divatastic-momma I recently made a couple of purchases. I love my new Coach purse and I got it for a great deal.

I would like a fresh face for spring and summer. I have a pink lip gloss that I was given to wear on my wedding day that I really like. Since that lip gloss was purchased for me and is Giorgio Armani, I needed to find another alternative. I found a great color at the MAC counter called Lovestruck. I also purchased some of the old standards of Oh Baby and clear lipglass. The make-up lady's face looked so nice and fresh and not overdone and I complimented her on it, so she gave me so make-up tips. The tips were greatly appreciated and seem easy to do. We will see how I do once I try them with the time that I have to get ready with the new baby.

I have several different types of perfumes and Bath and Body Works spray that I can choose from, but it is always nice to have a new scent. I already had Queen by Queen Latifah that I love and have used up, so I replaced it (especially since it was on sale) and  I also purchased UR by Usher Raymond that smells really fresh.

To complete the I feel pretty mood, I need my nails and feet done as well as a massage. Those are on the horizon really soon and I can not wait.

Now that I have a baby, I realize that to be happy for her I need to be happy with me.  I know that with new budget and time constraints that I will not always be able to treat myself, but when I can I am surely going to enjoy it.

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Faith said...


Glad you were able to get some things that wil help you be the diva momma!

I started buying polish and doing my own nails! Talk about a money saver!