Tuesday, April 10, 2012

What is in the Baby Bag?

I recently started taking Miss G. out more since she is a little older. I remember when I first started taking her out, I was not sure what to put in her diaper bag. I guessed on what items I needed and I think that I even might have over packed. Here is a list provided by  The Bump, that I have found helpful so that I am not packing the whole house for an outing.  This list can be modified for your length of trip or the number of children that you have. Remember that you have to check and update the items in the bag once they are used or as the child's needs change.

[ ] Diapers (one for every two hours and a few extra)
[ ] Diaper wipes in a zipper bag (these also work as hand wipes for mommy)
[ ] Changing pad
[ ] Diaper cream
[ ] Plastic bags for dirty clothes and diapers
[ ] 1-2 changes of clothes
[ ] Shirt or jacket for baby and mommy
[ ] Blanket
[ ] Hat for sun or cold
[ ] Bottles and formula (for a lighter load, measure powdered formula into clean bottles and mix with tap water at the destination, or pack bottled water)
[ ] Baby food and spoons
[ ] Burp cloths and bibs
[ ] Teething gel or rings
[ ] Pacifiers (pack with nipples in a clean bag)
[ ] Toys for comfort and distraction
[ ] Hand sanitizer
[ ] Sunblock (if baby is over six months)
[ ] Antibiotic cream, fever and pain reducer, antihistamine
[ ] Emergency phone numbers and information

 Hope this list helps you  and if you have additions to the list please share.


Mrs. Pancakes said...

Oh wow that's a lot in a baby's bag! Does that mean mommy needs a bag too!

Dana said...

It might.

Preemie Twins and Me said...

I think the bag depends on where you are going and for how long. As well as it depends on the baby. For example, when one of my twins had a huge rash on her neck, I would pack her medication even if we were going to the store. I just pack the basics and a little extra if we are going on a long trip.