Wednesday, July 18, 2012

What I Am Loving Wednesday

I am loving the hubby's new work schedule.

I am loving watching Miss G eat new foods.

I am loving laying in bed and watching tv.

I am loving the Golden Oreos (  I am sure my butt is too.)

I am loving all my summer dresses.

I am loving being apart of the summer reading club at my local library.( Forces me to read)

I am loving that we are making plans for our family vacation next year.

I am loving that I have 2 more days of work.

What are you loving on this Wednesday?


Faith said...

I haven't tried those Oreos! They look so good. I dont know if I should try them because I get addicted to delish snacks too easily!

Happy Wednesday!

Dana said...

@ Faith--- They are addictive. Hope you had a great Wednesday.