Thursday, August 16, 2012

6 Months

Miss G. actually turned 6 months a few weeks ago, I am little behind. Here is her update....

Size of Miss G.:  Miss G. was 17 1/2 pounds and 26 inches long at her last doctors visit. She getting so big.

Clothes: She is squeezing into some 3 months, but is mainly wearing 3-6 to 6-9 month clothes.

She is still wearing size 2 diapers, but I know she will be in size 3 in a few weeks.We had to purchase night diapers since she was waking up wet in the morning. They have really helped keep her dry.

Movement: She is a little wiggle worm. She loves to play with her feet. She likes to dance and spin in her exersaucer. She really does not like to lay down unless she is going to sleep. She loves to sit up. She likes to grab for everything especially jewelry and paper.

Baby stuff: The cradle cap and baby acne is still hanging around, but getting better.

Miss G. loves music. We have discovered the Baby Rendition collection. This collection has taken songs from Kanye West, Aerosmith and David Matthews and turned them into the lullabies. I have most of the collection on the Miss G Ipod for her listen to at night. 

Sleep: She takes 2-3 naps per day. Her nap times vary from 45 minutes to 2 hours or more. We still enjoy our long weekend naps.

She has been sleeping from 9:30pm-7:00am, sometimes on the weekends she will sleep in until 8:00.

Feeding: She is now drinking 8 ounces of milk and still nursing. She has tried peas, green beans, squash and sweet potatoes. She currently trying bananas. I have been making all of her food. She has seemed to like everything that I have given her so far. She eats cereal in the morning and a fruit and veggie at night.

Milestones: She has started to roll on to her side independently. She is sitting up without any assistance. She is enjoying exploring all of her toys.

Baby Gear: She still always has a bib on to match her outfit since she throws up on everything.

Moment of the Month: Chilling with her at home watching an episode of Play With Me Sesame.

Mommy Moments: I really enjoy spending time with her after work. I enjoy our time cuddling, chilling and splashing during bath time. I look forward to our snuggle time right before bed.

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Mrs. Pancakes said...

Oh wow how time flies!! Happy bday ladybug!!