Friday, November 23, 2012

Black Friday Thoughts

I thought this was funny, but true. Enjoy and be safe out there!!

               With the kids all nestled snug in their beds
                 And visions of Christmas dancing in their heads
                   Their tummys full of turkey and Pumpkin pie
                   Mom's in the kitchen with a gleam in her eye
                    She's got her list, she's checked it twice 
                    Each sale mapped out it has to be precise
                   Her car is gassed up,and she's ready to go
                   Yelling at the drivers who are going to slow
                 For this is the night of the big shopping game
                  Waving her ads she calls them each by name
                                  On Target,and Kohls
                             Macy's and Bloomingdale's 
                             On Wal-Mart,and Best Buy
                            Old Navy,Abercrombie & Fitch
                           On Walgreens and Jcpenney
                             And all the stores in between
                          The mall is packed, it's quite a seen
                   When the clock strike's ten the big sale will start
                   And don't forget the blue light sale over at K-Mart
                Mom's giddy from the savings she's getting at the mall
               Stepping on the escalator she nearly takes a fall
                         Mom dashes to the left and then to the right
                         And now Barnes & noble is finally in her site
                             Ten percent off if you buy at least eight
                              The savings in the air,man this is great
                       Twinkling lights,stockings and handbags galore
                    Watch out for the old lady who collapsed on the floor
                   The tension is rising as the cashiers look on in fright
                    For Black Friday now begins on Thanksgiving night
                                                 From Monica Speaks

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