Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Tot Tuesday: Miss G Let Down Your Hair

My little one has been a little hair challenged since 6 months old, when she lost most of her hair. It made me sad when she lost her hair and had little pieces all over her head. As L.L Cool J said, " I'm making a comeback", which exactly what her hair is doing. I have been able to put a little barrette in the top of her head for a while, so that people could stop asking me how old "he" was. This past week I was able to try to two little ponytails in her head. They were so cute. The only issue was that Miss G only kept them in for a short period of time.  She really does not like getting her hair combed but she is gets through it. I figure the more that I put the ponytails and barrettes in, the more she will get use to having her hair done.

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sarah said...

g is so very beautiful, hair or no hair:) but i remember going through that with my own. she lost all her hair on top, and kept the sides - looked like a little old man for a bit:)