Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Tot Tuesday: Our First Easter Egg Hunt

Well we went to our first Easter egg hunt this past Saturday. Miss G and I went with my friends Lynnette and Alena, who were both bridesmaids in my wedding, and there daughters Maya and Taylor. The first place that we went for a hunt said that they started at 10:00am and boy they were not kidding. We were pulling up and people were walking towards us..... it was over. We said since we had packed up the kids they were going somewhere to get them some eggs. We thus began our journey to another location that started at 11:00am. We got to the next location, pulled out strollers loaded up kids and as we were walking towards the site we heard the horn sound. As we got closer, we realized that it was the sounder for the 1-2 year olds. Heck! It did not stop us we just had the kids go with the 3-4 year olds. It was about a 15 minute wait, but the girls did well. Once the buzzer sounded, Miss G and Maya needed some help to getting in the flow of picking up eggs but Taylor was a pro. Miss G gathered 4 eggs that she picked by herself. I was just happy she got something, since there were kids walking past with baskets full.

After the hunt we all had lunch together at a local Bob Evans. The girls did very well at lunch. It was a nice day with the girls, but what I know for next year we are having our own Easter egg hunt and fun day at someone's house.

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