Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Tot Tuesday: Outside......Yeah!

This week we have had some nice weather. Miss G and I have been exploring the outdoors whenever we can by taking walks, but yesterday we explored the yard. Miss G was not sure what the green stuff was, grass. She touched , she explored, she ran and she laughed. She preferred to be on the concrete, I think because she was a little more steadier than when she was on the grass. She was not to happy when mommy redirected her so that she would not pick up speed down the driveway. I found it interesting to see what interested her the most , like the mailbox and watching the neighbors pull into their driveway . Exploring the world with her is not only going to make the world brand new to her but it is going to make the world new to me.

It was nice spending outside time with the little lady. I can wait to see what fun we can have as the weather gets warmer. Come on spring and summer.

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