Thursday, May 9, 2013

Thrifty Thursday: Where Did You Get Those Glasses?

I wear prescription glasses everyday. I like them like wearing jewelry. They help express how I am feeling for the day. Glasses can be cute, but prescription glasses can be expensive, even with insurance. I recently purchased 3 pairs of glasses 2 from Zenni Optical and a pair from Coastal.

The pair that I purchased from Zenni Optical, was during their buy one get one pair half off. I had purchased from them before, but could not pass up a deal on two pairs of glasses.  I am always satisfied with my purchaes from them. With shipping, I paid a little under $20.00. I purchased a red and a multi-colored pair from them and like them both alot.

My recent purchase clear frames from Coastal was may first purchase from them. I have wanted a all clear pair of frames for some time.I made my purchase was made during their first pair free promotion. During this promotion all I had to pay for was the shipping which was less than $8.00. I love my glasses. This site has designer frames at discount prices. Their prices are a little bit higher than some of the frames at Zenni Optical, but if you check their website and or like them on Facebook you will receive alerts for promotions.

There is another on-line site called that I have not tried yet, but I have seen commercials for. Maybe a good promotion will come along for them and I will give them a try. If you have made a purchase from them let me know how your experience was.

Using these two sites has allowed me to try frames that I might not normally purchase at great prices. I would definitely say give one of these sites a try.

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