Friday, August 1, 2014

She is Super

While playing with Miss G yesterday she asked if she could put on her superhero cape. I said sure. She struck a pose once I put it on. She flew around the house. Rescued some dolls and even found a Pound Puppy side kick until she decided she worked alone. While watching her play, it reminded me of all the times I used to play "Super Baby" with her when she was little. I would turn her bib around and fly her through the air. She would laugh and squeak as she flew. I would pose arms in the Superman stand before landing and she would laugh some more, but watching her yesterday I realized she did not need my help. My baby is growing up. I realize she is only 2, but it seemed to go so fast. Sometimes I  miss the infant that I brought home from the hospital, but I am enjoying the "little" person that she is becoming. She is super after all. 

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