Friday, July 10, 2015

Books Are Fun........NOT!

I needed to go and pick up a book that I had on hold at Half Price Books for book club and I took
Gabrielle with me. I really did not want to take her with me, since the bookstore and the library are one of my happy places, but my husband had to run an errand of his own. The visit started out fine, but quickly went down the dark side of a fairy tale path.

Gabby and I looked through the clearance books and found a few for a $1.00. Score! Then I decided that we would look to see if there were some Olivia books in the kids section since my book was on hold. We go to the kids section, Miss G. began pulling books off the shelf and sitting in one of the chairs and began flipping the pages. While she was doing that, I located a several Olivia book selections for her to choose from. I showed her the selections and of course said "No, I want that one." After each book that she handed to me and made her statement, I would place it back on the shelf. After four or five times of doing that, I had decided that it was time to go. I picked the Olivia books that I thought that she would like and gently grabbed her hand and began walking towards the front and then I heard.....

"I want that book."

I looked down and saw a book that had a  yellow cell phone on the front that she was pointing at on the shelf. I stated to her that I was not buying her that book. I just started walking towards the register, with a loudly crying and screaming three year in tow. Gabrielle was crying at the top of her lungs the book with the cell phone even though I five other ones in my hand for her. I pulled her aside, which so happened to be the religion section, maybe God was trying to tell me something, to have her calm down and talk to her about not getting the book. It did no good. It just made her get louder. She got so loud in fact one of the other customers walked over to see what was going on. I just took her hand and started walking towards the  register again. She yelled and yelled all the way up to the register. I calmly paid for my book selections, while she still screamed and yelled about getting the book with the cell phone since she stated that she "needed to take a call."  I grabbed her hand and exited the store. She cried all the way to the car and most of way home about that book. Once we were home, she finally calmed down when Olivia came on for her watch and she was given her evening snack.

When it was time for bed, the books that she did not want because it was not one with the with the yellow phone, she of course wanted to read one of her new Olivia books twice. UGH......!  I am not surprised ...I had a feeling she would did that.  At least she liked the book that I selected so much she wanted to read it twice, so I guess in the end books are fun.

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