Thursday, July 16, 2015

Dear Hate.....

Dear Hate,

Why do you exists? Why do you continue to destroy lives, hearts and minds? First there was Matthew, then there was Rodney, Trayvon, Freddie , Charleston shooting victims and now Sandy. All these were living, breathing people that someone decided to beat until they were hospitalized or until death all because of you. Why are you so important to some people? What makes someones skin color, gender or sexual orientation so important to others that they are will to harm for it? Now because of you their families have to live without them, Without their smiles. Their laughter. Their hugs. All because of you. Why hate someone if they are not bothering you? If you are not sleeping with them or interacting with them why do you care?

Hate I hate you. I was taught to never use you as a child, but I think it is fitting here. Hate I want you to know that all lives matter no matter what they are doing. Even if you think that they are a good or bad person, they are important to someone, even if they are not important to you. Even if you think that their skin color is wrong, their life still matters. Even if you think what they are doing is wrong, judge yourself first and still know that their life matters. How about this hate, get your life and leave other lives alone.

Hate I want you think about how your family and friends would feel if you were gone. Would they be sad like Matthew, Rodney, Trayvon, Freddie, Charleston shooting victims and Sandy's families and friends are? I think so. Hate, I want you to think about your actions, prior to using your words or your physical force. I know you have been around for along time, but it seems like you have been poking your ugly head around alot more lately. Don't you need a vacation? Think about it.

As I end this letter to you Hate, I want you know what even though you keep coming around, there will always be people in this world who will be fighting and praying against you to make this world a better place. I personally believe that there are more of us than there are friends of yours, so watch out.


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