Sunday, July 12, 2015

Illumination Entertainment Minions: Miss G. Review

Miss G. and her girlfriends went to see Minions today. She sat through the entire movie with her popcorn, Icee and fruit snacks. She talked about it all the way home, so I thought that she could give a review of the movie.

She had seen the commercials on the TV and keep asking on when she was going. She would point out all the Minion images on her yogurt, in the paper and on the DVD box of Despicable Me 1 and 2 see we own them. I did not dare tell her that we were going, until it was time to go to see the movie.

As we were getting ready for bed about to read a book, she began to ask me when I going to take her Build a Bear to get her Minion and when I was going to make her Minion skirt and sheets that she wanted, I decided to redirect her and ask her a few questions about the movie. (Don't worry no spoilers in this review)

Mom: What was the movie about?

Miss G: Looking for a bad guy.

Mom: What do you like about the movie?

Miss G: It was fun. They flew up in the air  and talked  like this (imitating a Minion voice).

Mom: What do you not like about the movie?

Miss G: He did not have any underwear on and I saw his booty. Yuck!

Mom: How many claps would you give the movie?

Miss G: I give it this many claps. (Claps her hands really fast several times. I assume that she gives it 5 stars plus)

I personally enjoyed the movie, but I did have high expectations for this one since I love the other two. I think it met my expectations. I can not wait for it to come out on DVD so that we can add it to our collection. I think that I was laughing harder at some points more than kids in the movie theater were.

To continue with the Minion-fever that I am sure is about the take over my home, I have found some activities that you can do with your little Minion: Minion-Camp, coloring pages, party games, nail polish design and food ideas.

Are you planning on taking your little Minion to see the movie? If so I hope that you enjoy it as much as we did.

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