Friday, July 10, 2015

My Little Bubble Guppie

 Today was first day of swim class. She has been so excited about getting back into the water ever since her swim evaluation about a month ago. Gabrielle loves the water. She practically spent the first  few months of life floating in her Godparents Kelly and Mike's backyard pool. She is definitely a water baby. 

During the class, she was trying to be the teacher assistant and she was there to learn with everyone else. She was showing the other students how to kick and her version of dog paddling. I had to forewarn the swim instructor that she was fearless and to watch her. She  jumped off the edge of the pool, she swam to the bottom of the pool, she splashed, she kicked and squealed. She had a good time. Then I thought even though she was having a good time, did she learn anything? She proved me wrong. At the end of the class the instructor showed all the parents what each student learned. He stated that she already knew how to do her paddle arms, but needed to work on her kick. She was paying attention. No pressure it was just the first class.

Of course at the end of class, we had our normal melt down of not wanting to leave until she realized that she would return next week. I enjoy seeing her learn new things, it is just as exciting for me as it is for her. I hope that her spirit of exploration and seeking new things is always instilled in her. Well, one swim class down......Olympics 2038 here we come!

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