Tuesday, July 28, 2015

What is That Doing in Your Yard?

A couple of weeks ago, I came home and noticed a for sale sign in the yard of my neighbors across the street.  I guess I should have gotten a hint when, I saw the house getting paint, but I just thought that they were improving their house. Well they were...to sell. I know that it is the time of year to sell especially with the school year about to begin in my school district. It got me thinking, why are you selling? Is there something going on in the neighborhood I should know about? Was I not a good neighbor?

When I see a for sale it also makes me think about, will I ever sell my house? I asked my husband
about it and the response I got was, "No, I worked to hard on my yard." Oh, I thought in my head. I really like my neighborhood and the most of the people in my court have been there for several years. I have seen people come and go due to foreclosure(yes I am the nosy neighbor that looks things up on the auditors site), new jobs or just selling due purchasing another home.

I must admit I am a little anxious about potential new neighbors. I really appreciate the current neighbors quietness, friendliness and conformity to the street. I am hoping that when selling they take into consideration the neighborhood, but I sure that is not their first thought (best offer). They have been good neighbors and home the potential new residences are the same.

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Laura Darling said...

My husband and I are looking at houses right now. It will be our first home to own and I am so excited, but I do always wonder why the people are leaving the houses we look at!