Thursday, August 20, 2015


When I turned 40 two years ago, I really thought that I was going to die. I was not looking forward to it or even wanted to talk about it. Maybe that is why my husband gave me a surprise party to help me ease into it. The other day I had an Aha Moment, like Oprah says, the 40's have not been that bad so far. They have actually been pretty good. Here are my thought about my 40's so far;

  • I am really feeling myself.
  • I decided to transition to natural hair and am really loving it. 
  • I really have come into my own.
  • I have taken on a more healthier lifestyle so that I can live a long life.
  • I must get more sleep to keep up with my 3 year old.
  • My friendships that I have are the one that I will have for life. 
  • My relationship with God is more important and I continue to nurture it and mature it daily. 
  • I love to relax.
  • Watching my  money is more important since I realize the older I get the closer I get to retirement. 
  • Sometimes I need to wear a wedge instead of a 3 inch heel to assist my knees.
  • A supportive bra is more important than ever. 
  • Skinny jeans are not for everyone. 
  • Reading a good book is more important than TV (except for when Scandal is on)
  • Spending with family is precious.
  • I still do not know how to put on eyelashes and makeup to look like a model.
I am sure as I progress in my 40's I will add more to my list, but this is what I have right now. I am really enjoying my 40's at the moment and am going to make the best of them. Now I am not sure what I will think about 45 or 50, check with me then. Until that time I am going to be happy with being the 42 year Dana and all the possibilities it entails. 

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