Sunday, September 6, 2015

Exploring The North Market

Last Friday I went exploring the North Market with my co-workers Sean and Lisa. We initially went to have lunch, but found a hold lot more.

We decided to have lunch at Hot Chicken Takeover. Can I just say, the chicken was hot and fried just right. I became full  soon, but dd not want to stop eating. The ice tea was the bomb and besides the was FREE! The ice tea and all condiments are free. You can have your choice of bread or waffle with your your meal. I had the waffle it and it was so worth it. I had so much left over I had enough for my lunch the next day.
The prices are pretty reasonable for the size portions that you quick. The food came out quick and the service was friendly. The atmosphere was fun and down home like you having picnic with your family. I definitely would go back again.
One the way to the car, we explored some more of the sites and smells in the North Market. My friend Sean, who is such a foodie, shared some of his favorites. I took a bite of one of the donuts that Sean bought and it was so yummy.  There we so many sites and sounds that I could not take them all in our lunch hour. 

I have been in the North Market before, but it has add some new vendors and changes to the look have made it more inviting. I am looking forward to planning my next visit. It is a nice escape in during the work day.

Sean in his happy place. 

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Faith said...

Sounds delicious! I love fried chicken with waffles.