Saturday, October 31, 2015

Trick or Treat

Well, last night was our neighborhood trick or treat. My little mermaid knew exactly what to do and even showed her friend Taylor the ropes. She talked to the neighbors, said trick or treat and at times tried to become selective with her candy choices, so picky to be 3. ( I must say that she did make so good selections) She really enjoyed exploring the neighborhood and seeing all the lights, different costumes and decorations that it had to offer.

As a parent I really enjoy these times. I really see how much she has grown. I can look back on what she did this year from last. Each year she gets more understanding and more expectation for each holiday.  I love it. These make lasting family memories.


Faith said...

So adorable! Glad she enjoyed herself. And I love that she was selective of her candy!

Dana said...

Yes Faith. My little one surely knows what she wants.