Sunday, December 6, 2015

Holiday Family Traditions

As a child we had certain holiday traditions, like leaving cookies out for Santa, making cookies with
my mother and cooking certain foods for Christmas. I started a few new things that I am trying to
make traditions for my little one and family, like cooking a seafood meal on Christmas Eve, making homemade cinnamon rolls for Christmas morning, watching a Christmas Story on Christmas, putting up my Christmas tree on Thanksgiving weekend, having a craft party for Gabrielle and her friends, taking Gabrielle to see the lights at the zoo and making a new homemade ornament to add to the tree each year. There are a few things that I would like to start this year;

  1. Elf on the Shelf: I purchased one last year at the end of the season and going to do this year with Miss G. I think that she is three now, she should understand the concept. 
  2. Christmas in Miss G room: Last year I just did holiday linens,  but this year we have done her own personalized tree. Of course everything on it is pink and purple per her request. 
  3. Christmas Eve box: One of besties Bev forwarded me this picture of a Christmas Eve box.
    christmas eve box
    I think it would be great for the whole family to get new PJ's.  Of course I will be putting the little ones in a box similar to this with some of the snacks and a movie she likes. It will be nice to reflect on picture each year to see how we changed and the PJ's changed. 
  4. Hide the Pickle: We are starting this one this year since little Miss can participate in this and would love finding the pickle. 
  5. Santa tracks: My coworker told me about this tradition she does with her family, of when you take baking soda and a template of a shoe to make Santa's tracks. Here are a couple of links for some Santa tracks link and link for more instructions 
Adding these holiday traditions will hopefully give us more memories to last for years to come.  What family traditions do you have during the holidays with your family?

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