Friday, February 26, 2016

Did I Ask For This?

I reposted this picture yesterday on my blog Facebook page. One of friends, who is my bestie, said "Well you asked for it! Since I know her well and she is one of the godmother to my little one, I know that she was playing, but did get me think if I really ask for all of this? Did I asked to be pulled in all directions by the husband and kid? Did I asked to chose between doing something for myself or buying new socks for the kid? Did I ask to be a maid, nurse, teacher, lover, friend, Martha Stewart as well as The Pioneer Woman? Well...... YES I DID! I fell in love with my husband and we decided to have this wonderful little girl who brings joy each day. In life there are choices that we all make that come with ups and down, curves and humps, being a wife and parent are no different. In that respect, I did ask to be a nursemaid. I did ask to make cookies every weekend to fill up the cookie jar since my hubby loves them. I did ask to be a taxi to all the little ones play dates and activities. I did asked for all the cuddles, kisses , laughter and love that I receive from them everyday.

I think that moms do what moms have to do in order to survive to make everyone in their home happy, even when it does cause us to have a lack of sleep or to think of other before ourselves. For a person, who loves to sleep and pampering herself I am still making the that transition. I do not think that I asked for that.  #Supertired!

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