Sunday, February 28, 2016

Who's That Lady?

That lady's name is Kelly and today is her birthday. I have been blessed to know her since my freshman year in high school when she sat behind me and we made of names of each others last name ( that I will not go into).  We grew closer as she began to hang out with the band, which I actually played an instrument in and she was just there for the guys ( at least she been married to one of them for over 20 years). I must say our lives have taken many different path,but Kelly has always had a heart for me and I for her. We just have that connection when someone is down or share when we have some good news. I have watch all of her children grow up and she is one of the godmother of my Gabrielle. She was the matron of honor in wedding and she truly made my day special.  I love her so (even though I am not sure so knows it all the time) and a girl could not ask for a better best friend, even when I have not been the best to her. Happy birthday Kelly!!!! May we have many more years today together to share our lives and Star Wars movies, explore, and laugh.

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