Saturday, March 26, 2016

Eggtastic Fun

With this being Easter weekend, my household will be a flurry of activity from dying Easter eggs, to
having any egg hunt with friends and of course church and Sunday dinner.

We started out the weekend by dying Easter eggs. I did not purchase a kit, but did it the old school way. It is cheaper and the items used, I can use for other baking or cooking recipes.
Here is the recipe that I used:
  3/4 cups of  hot water for each color
  1 tablespoon of white vinegar per color
  food coloring (2-4 drops of each color depending on how deep of  color you want)
Let the eggs sit in the color for at least 2 minutes to obtain some color and occasionally roll around to make sure all sides are covered. You may let the eggs sit in the color mixture as long as you want to obtain the color that you want. I believe that we let some of our darker eggs sit in the color for at least 4 minutes on each side. 

Miss G. enjoyed making the creating the colors and watching the eggs change colors. She was so independent when moving eggs from the dye to the carton to dry. She was so proud of herself.  She even asked if she could have one for her evening snack. Sure you can! 

When looking for different ideas for the egg hunt that I am having this weekend, I wanted to have something different in the fillable plastic eggs besides candy. I have found a few on my good ole' friend Pinetrest.  Here are some quick and easy ideas that I plan on using and wanted to share.

Since I have asked all of Miss G friends to bring 1 dozen filled eggs, I think that most of them will be filled with candy. I think that I am going to use mini-bubbles and Egg-ercises. I am also going to provide 2 golden eggs with money in them. We will do a few egg games and enjoy the outside prior to having some lunch and everyone leaving for a nap. It is shaping up for a fun filled weekend.  

Hope these ideas help you with your egg-ideas this holiday weekend.


Faith said...

So much fun! I miss doing this!

Dana said...

You can do this as an adult. I use to dye eggs prior to having a little one in the house with my girlfriends.