Saturday, March 5, 2016


I have started and stopped writing in a journal for years. I just have just let life get in the way but I recently have started again. I have found it to be freeing and enlightening. I have also looked back on some of my old journals that I started and stopped and thought what the heck was I thinking.  What I have found helpful  this time around since finding a little time for me a little hard are these monthly list that I located on Pinterest. These list are full of questions can help jump-start your writing process or just help you think of thoughts to write about. A few of the questions for this month are:
-What d you what more of?
-Something letting go of
-The best place to be
-How do you focus?
-Ten things you learned the past year?
Click the  Pinterest link above for the complete list. If you journal what do you journal about?

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