Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Tot Talk: Empowering Miss G.

We Can Do It!
On today, International Women's Day I am reflective on how I want to empower Miss G. and support her not only as a girl but as an African-American girl. I want to teach her strength through love, teach support though kindness and teach her love through actions. I want her to see her mommy giving to others and supporting others but still there for her when she needs it. I want to empower her through her learning, through her thoughts, though her words and through her feelings.I want her to know that she matters in every way.  I am learning to show her even though she is little she is powerful and special always. Each morning we have been saying a manta..

 " I am smart. I am beautiful. I can learn. 
I am loved.
 I can do anything. You Go Girl!"
I want her to say it so much that she has it down in her spirit so that whatever comes her way or whatever someone says to her she already knows that who and what she is.  I love saying it with her, it helps me throughout the day. 

What do you do to empower your child or yourself?

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