Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Tot Tuesday: Let Her Be a Child

A few weeks ago I posted about how the doctor wanted me to increase Miss G activities. Over the last few weeks, Miss G has been riding her bike in the evening or I have been going to the gym to workout where she can go the kids gym and run and play and participate in large motor activities. I know that with the milder weather that we have been having that her class has been going outside for at least one time a day to play. She seems to like all the activities and even ask if we are going to the gym or if she can ride her bike when she gets home.

In addition to the increased activities I have pulled out one of her old plates that had the dividers sections in to assist with portion sizes for her.

She currently is signed up for swimming and dance. When I stated that to the doctor, she stated that I needed to look for another activities. Well  I have. I have her signed up for soccer. We will see how this goes. I think she thinks that she is going to play like the people she has seen play.  When I shared with my mother that I changed her swimming to the same night she stated," You need to let her be a child. She is only 4." Ugh!

I thought about what  my mother said. I did not think it was to much because she was doing things that she enjoyed. Dance is only 45 minutes and then she has an hour break and then she has swimming for 45 minutes with an instructor that she loves. I know that she is only 4, but these are things that she likes and I think that she would be more upset in the fact that she is not participating in one of them. Besides, as I reassured my mother, soccer end and dance end in May and she will have a break before we explore another activity to add on besides swim.  Heck we might just take the summer off and enjoy riding our bikes together and taking walks in the park for exercise and fresh air.

I want her to be healthy but enjoy the activities that she participates in  and at this time she seems to. I do not want the participation of activities or talking of weight/exercise to every effect her self-esteem. If and when there comes a time that she does not  we will look at other things to assist her with keeping fit, active and enjoying it.

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