Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Tot Tuesday: Rocking the Vote

Took the Miss G with me to the voting booth this morning.  It is always an interesting experience taking her when I do. She loves to give my ID to the workers. She loves to push the buttons on the voting machine. Miss G always asks the questions of who the people are mommy is voting for, which I love trying to explain on a 4 year old level (NOT). She always ask for her sticker and proudly wants her picture taken once we leave.

By taking her with me, I hope to instill in her the importance of voting. I want to instill in her why her voice is important. When she goes with me, she seems to always enjoy it and appreciate the process. I hope that she always does because the way that she chooses to live and enjoy life may depend on it.

I will keep taking her with me. I will keep trying to explain to her at her level what the political process is about. I want her to always to ask for her sticker. I want her to always to vote and to take part in the process, because it is her right.

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