Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Tot Tuesday:Four-Ager

I have been told that four is better than three but I was also told that that three was better than two. Who does this.....

  1. Vomits when they cry and gets so upset.
  2. Wants their underwear to match their clothes. 
  3. Needs perfume everyday.
  4. Is concerned about her teacher being at school once she leaves. 
  5. Tries to teach the other students in the first soccer class what to do and you have never played soccer.
  6. Wants to drink strawberry milk out of a fake Starbucks cup.
  7. Wants her nails polished.
  8. Ask her Auntie TT when she is getting her hair braided. 
  9. Ask when she is going to the gym to see her friends.
  10. Wants to cuddle with mommy in her bed so she can broadcast her kids YouTube shows on the TV from the Google Chrome.
  11. Wants to call and Face time her friends
  12. Wants to go to her room because people in the house are bothering her. People in the house are bothering her..there is no one here but her father and I. 
She ever evolving, but aren't we all.  She at times is strong but other times she needs to be so little. 4 going on 24,this year is going quite a ride. 

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