Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Tot Tuesday: Ouch..My Ears

A few weeks ago, Miss G got her ears pierced. I was not really thrilled with the idea, but my husband has been asking for a long time to get it done. He stated that it makes her look like a girl, like the braid, hair beads, bows and all the pink and purple she wears does not. WHATEVER! To end the conversation, I had a discussion with her pediatrician about  it and then made an appointment with our dermatologist to have the procedure done.

We talked for days about what was going to happen and she was so excited. The morning of the appointment she kept asking about the appointment and I think at that point the nerves had kicked in. We get back into the room and she starts messing with items in the room. When the doctor comes in I  decided to get a hole reopened to show her that it was not painful. Once the doctor did mine, she was set or so we thought.

We sat her on the table and began to mark her ears for the piercing. She looked around, but as the doctor began to move closer to start the piercing she began to ask,"What are you doing?", " You are not going to hurt me?", We tried several times with just her sitting on the table, but she was moving her head to much. Then we decided for me to straddle her and give her a big bear hug. That did not work. the doctor took her gloves off and stated,"Well, G we will have to do this again when your older." Of course in true Miss G fashion she says," I want my ears pierced." and laid down on my chest. I stated " Lets do this!" The doctor was in place, I am bear hugging her and my husband was holding her head. The first earring went in and the ear piercing scream was let you. We really had to hold her tight to get the other side done.  Once the doctor said she was done and offered her a sucker and a mirror, the tears and crying instantly stopped (after a little mommy cuddling of course).  She could not stop looking in the mirror. It was quite embarrassing to have the other nurses and staff looking at us as we left the room, due the loud screams. I am sure we were the talk around the office that day.

Now every night she reminds me to clean her earrings and she also can't wait to tell someone that she go her ears pierced. Would I do it again, probably not since I was nerves about it in the first place. She seems really happy with them and wants to know when she can wear dangle ones like mommy. Let's just say that a totally different conversation.

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