Monday, January 16, 2017

Dear World......

Dear World,
I know I have not blogged in awhile, but I needed to let somethings out. This past weekend, has been emotional between all the politics, Martin Luther King Jr. holiday and watching Hidden Figures and An American Girl Story: Melody, I have been fighting back tears.  All  have thought about is the United States going back to a time when people of color or women did not matter? It makes me question about what opportunities will my daughter have? What will the world look like for her? Is it going back to separate bathroom, fountains and doors? At the moment, it sure feels that way. I can not shake this feeling and the closer the 20th gets the more worried I get about it. I really trying to keep hope alive but day by day, my hope is being chipped away. I have tried to distracting myself by not watching the news, but it still seeps in. I am trying to find the positives in all this but at this time, I only see one which is people starting to mobilize and band together for common cause, but did it take all of this for this to occur. I am trying to keep my head up for my daughter, who knows little about what is going on,who loves to play and laugh, has a beautiful spirit and has a bright future ahead of her. I continue to prayer and look for guidance for solutions to this and keep my family and friends close as they are a comfort to me. I have to believe that their is going be some good out of all this, if I don't there is nothing else hang on to for the future.

A Concerned Parent and Citizen

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Faith said...

Feeling the same way :/