Wednesday, July 26, 2017

I Love School Supplies

Sshh...I have a secret I love school supplies.  I do not know what it is about the new pens, beautiful journals, vibrate markers and shiny notebooks. I have been stalking the newspaper ads and tv commercials to see what is on sale this week for me to grab up.  I like to pick up new items because my intent to get my home office and work cubicle organized and refreshed for the season.

Since it is my little one first year in Kindergarten, I have even more of an excuse to search through the shelves for deals. For you to fully understand here is a list of thing of why I love school supplies.

  1.  It's new                                                                                                                                Everything is so new, bright and shiny. It makes me feel all sparkley.
      2.  All the pretty colors.
       Everything seems so colorful and bright, like it is springtime in fall. I think that the reailers think        the brigher it is the more your going to buy. Well... it's working.

       3. You always have somthing to write with.
       Pencils, pen, erasable ink and colorful ink all make sure that you always have something to write        with.

       4. Glue and tape. 
        What all the craft projects that you can do with all that tape and glue. 

        5. Plastic containers.
        Containers big and small are available to get your space together.

       6. Wide-rule, thin rule or notebook.
       I love a pretty journal or colorful notebooks with inspiring message. It makes me want to write. 

       7. I can start picking up items for Christmas 4 months away.

        8. You can never have enough Sticky-Notes.
         There small, cheap and can be pretty.

        9. All the different types of markers.
         I love all the different types of markers. Ones that smell, write big or small I have a use for                  them   all..

        10. Discovering something new.
        There is always something new to explore or discover when I go school shopping. I am up to the          challenge.


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