Monday, July 10, 2017

Monday Murmurings: I Am Tired

  • I am tired.
  • I feel puffy right now and know that tomorrows doctor appointment is not going to be fun.
  • I have been so busy this month already that I have not been really taken care of my self.
  • I want a nap.
  • I wish my laundry would wash and put itself up. 
  • I love my bed. 
  • I have been really enjoying the rain, it waters the garden for me. 
  • I have been exploring the Viceland Channel. Interesting programming.
  • I really enjoyed youth week this past week at church.
  • I think that I am addicted to pretzel buns and honey mustard. 
  • I am obsessed with eyeglasses and have started my daughter on the path. 
  • I like that I can work in the community.
  • I need to blog more.
  • I need to get up and restart my morning prayer routine. 
  • I love ice cream.
  • Do I really want to take my daughter to see Kidz Bop with a whole lot of other screaming kids?
  • I think I am going to keep my hair in braids. 
  • Ready for my girls trip.
 What are you murmuring about? Thats enough babbling from me. Goodnight.

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