Monday, August 7, 2017

Monday Murmurings: Did I Really Buy That?

After weeks of saying,"No." I gave in and purchased my daughter a fidget spinner.  After I purchased it, I thought, "Why did I buy this thing?" I know why I just wanted her to stop talking about it and obsessing about when she saw one in the store. Why did I do that? UGH!!! Just for instant mommy gratification. I am think that this is one of dumbest toys ever. Now she is running around to all the kids in the neighborhood or anyone that she sees saying, "I got a fidget spinner." I want to say " WHO CARES!" at the top of my lungs every time she says it.  I think I made things worse. I guess I thought that it would lessen her talking about it if she obtained one. Now I am second guessing why I even purchased the darn thing anyway. As most mommas do, I will figure out how to get through this temporary obsession by, ummm, I don't know maybe making it disappear, running away when she is playing with it or just learning to play with it myself (NOT). There has been one good thing with this piece of junk being in the house, every time she acts like she is going to act up I just state that if she does not behave the figgy spinner (as she calls it) will go away. It gets her back in order real quick.  I am just going to just going to have to put my M on my chest and suck it up for the next few weeks until another new thing pops up that she wants.

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