Thursday, August 3, 2017

My Golden Girls: Girls Weekend

This past weekend I spent the weekend with a few ladies that I call my "Golden Girls". I have known
 these ladies since college. We have decided that we would make Cincinnati Music Festival one of annual trips together. Friday we decided wear t-shirts that were alike. We actually got a lot of compliments on them. In between the listening to BBD ( who I love) Kem and waiting for Mary J. Bilge taking the stage, we laugh and talked like we were still in college.

Saturday we relaxed and shopped. We tried to get one of those free MAC lipsticks, but we weren't so lucky. I did realize that we are getting "old", because couple of us really needed a nap and I was one of them. For a treat, we went to a restaurant Mr. Sushi to celebrate another friends birthday. The food was really good and filling.  The ticket on Saturday was great as Fridays. I really enjoyed Anthony Hamilton and Fantasia, what a show. Trying to be young and keep the turn up going, we went to an after party at Jack's Casino. I don't know what I was thinking, because I spent more time at the penny slot machines than at the actually party.  I don't know were the time went, because before we knew it, it 4:00 am. I do not know what we were thinking, the turn up became the turn down due we were all ready for bed.

It was a wonderful weekend with wonderful people. I love these women.  It is so easy being with them, just like our lives have not changed from when we first met. I truly enjoyed myself, with conversation, definitely the laughs and of course the company. I can not wait to do it again soon.
My Golden Girls minus one...she had not arrived yet.


Faith said...

Ahh, I love girls weekends! This sounds like such a blast!

Dana said...

Me too Faith. We are looking forward to planning another trip together.