Thursday, March 4, 2010

Cubicle Decor

Well, I posted a few weeks ago that my office was moving to a new site and that we were going cubicle. I received some suggestions from my fellow bloggers on how to make my space nicer. Well,  I knew that I wanted to use a black and white theme so that it would go with the greyness of the walls. I went to my local Staples and found this pretty black and white damask pattern paper. I knew it was prefect for my wall. Here are some photos:
I took the paper I found and stapled it all across my walls. I even found a cup with my first initial and the same pattern. You can not see it, but there is some open shelving that I took some black and white damask fabric and made a curtain and hung it up with a tension bar.
On another journey back to Staples was looking for a folder holder, like the one above, but lucked out when a co-worker said that she did not need it anymore and gave to me....anyway getting back to my story going to Staples. On my second visit,  I found these folders that had varying damask patterns in them. They look great and keep me organized.
I also took various silver frames and put different photos in them . They look great grouped together. I have a few more, still in silver frames, near the top of my desk to carry the theme through.

I have gotten several positive comments like, " Your booth looks so cozy.", "How did you get that pattern on your walls?" and "Can you help me?". I like the way that I did my booth so much, some days I do not want to go out for my scheduled appointments. So thanks, to all assisted me with finding my way back to cubicle life. It is not so bad after all.


Jules said...

I LOVE how you decorated your cube and how you have that damask pattern on the walls. It really looks great. That is also really cute that you made a curtain. The fact that the folders match the walls is lovely and the framed photos look really nice too.

Kristin said...

OMG, so freaking cute. I wish I had thought about that when I LIVED in a cube! Ah ha ha

MsBabyPlan said...

Hello Dana, thanks for stopping by. I will follow you to keep update the TTC, :)

Anonymous said...

Where's my photo? I see mom, best friend, hubby, and your sorors. I am hurt......that is all!-LOL

Dana said...

Thanks for stopping by and all of the positive comments about my new space. I am really enjoying it.

C....your photo is on the wall where my other photos are. You are there. I just did not take a photo of it.