Thursday, October 20, 2011

23 Weeks

Size of Baby: Baby J is the size of a mango. Baby J is about 11 inches long. Baby J is starting to hear now. I have been putting my headphones on my belly for Baby J to listen to some classical music.

Maternity Clothes: Started wearing more stretchy stuff.

Gender: Still don't know. Maybe I will be able to see in a week or so.

Movement: Definitely feeling movement.

Sleep: Still getting the naps in, but staying awake longer.

What I Miss: Sleeping on my right side at night. I am trying to follow the rules and sleep on my left side to assist in the baby's circulation.

Cravings: Loving Halloween candy and banana nut bread.

Symptoms: None,but still the hormones on occasion.

Moment of the Week: Think I found my bedding set for the baby at Pottery Barn Kids, but my husband thinks it is to expensive. We see if I find something else or not. 


Karena said...

Dana how terrific to sweep in and find you!! You look great and I am very excited about Baby J!

Oh, Do come and enter my Designer Pillow Giveaway!! (Also a great resource)


Art by Karena

Tiffany said...

Halloween candy... perfect excuse! lol

Faith said...

hope that you can find a bedding set you like that is less expensive ... so exciting that you are feeling movement! happy 23 weeks!

Dana said...

@Karena--Thanks for inviting me to the giveaway. Nice site.
@Tiffany--I always find an excuse.