Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Miss G. Essentials

I wrote a post a  few weeks ago about some of the things that I thought were good to have for my little one. Here is a list of a few more..

I am nursing, but I have to supplement with formula for my little one to be satisfied. We started out with another brand of bottle but it seemed to get be allowing Ms. G. to suck into much air which was giving her lots of gas and making her uncomfortable, so I switched. It was a good switch. The Dr. Browns' bottles allow her to suck in less air as well as still encouraging her to nurse. 

 Yes this is a mini-fridge. We have a mini-fridge in her room. After my friend told me the story of her almost falling down the stairs with her baby trying to get a bottle in the middle of the night, I decided to get a fridge. It has worked out very well for us and when we are done with it the hubby can put it in the man cave. 

A bottle warmer. I received this Munchkin bottle warmer as a baby shower gift. We have it in our upstairs bathroom so that we  can warm Ms. G. bottles at night. It really comes in handy, especially since she can become a little impatient when she is hungry. I have also used it to sterilize her Soothie.

 I know some people do not like pacifiers, but her Soothie has come in handy. Luckily she usually only wants it when she is upset or really tired. She usually spits it out after a few minutes. She has started to use it less since discovering her hands last few weeks.

A pacifier clip is a must, especially for an infant. When we first started giving Ms. G. her Soothie she would spit it out and it was falling all over the floor and I was constantly washing it. This one was perfect since it had the hook at the end that allows a mommy to attached a Soothie or a regular pacifier.  I actually saw a blog that showed how to make one of these, but I am yet to attempt to make one.

You have any baby essential that you want to share?

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