Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Tot Tuesday: Family Time

Family time around my house is an organized event, but not always. I try to have some planned event, which are not always elaborate but fun. The most important part is that we spend time together.  I also look for things that do not cost a lot of money so that we can do things more often. Here are some of the things that we do together. Please fee free to share more ideas, I am always look for more.
  • Family movie night. Just had one with Star Wars.
  • Game Night
  • Preparing a meal together.
  • Baking together.
  • Doing an outside activity.
  • Going to the zoo. 
  • Going for a walk.
  • Watching a tv show together.
  • Going to the spring football game at OSU.
  • Visiting the aquarium.
  • Going to a local fair.
  • Going to the library.
  • Going to Superhero Day at the local mall
  • Attending Duckling Day at the local library.
Miss G always comes up with ideas which usually involves Chuck E Cheese or Build A Bear, those are special occasion trips.  What do you do with your little one? What suggestions do you have for more family time fun?


Faith said...

I love this and you've given me some nice ideas. We've been working on our backyard together which surprisingly has been a lot of fun. We get quality time together and our dogs get to run around like maniacs.

Dana said...

No problem Faith. happy to help